29 Dezember 2008

Eley Kishimoto

Peter Pan collar, princess coats and smock tops. I love the Eley Kishimoto spring/summer 2009 collection. It's playful and a little bit fifities. The collection is called "Little Devils"...it looks more like cute princess. The couple Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto have a Blog, too. I read they've designed this beautiful jewellery collection with ostrichs broochs, rabbit earrings and art deco elements. Please send me one of the cute ostrichs brooch!

28 Dezember 2008

Gretel at Bloglovin'

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Cute cuttings with cuttlings

Playfulness is an important part of the design of Bea Szenfeld. Accuracy and detail are also keywords - a piece of clothing designed by Bea Szenfeld should be beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside, since she believes one of the most effective methods of communication is through fashion. The colours of her designs are quite simply but the cuttings are wonderful. Cute cuttlings, different collars and sleeves. I like the autumn/winter collection 2008 very much and the pictures with rabbits, deers and birds are fabulous!

27 Dezember 2008

Gretels treasures

deer brooch: flea market
walking stick with horse shoe brooch: flea market
bracelet with pendants: blutsgeschwister

Fitting Tales

Fitting Tales is the collection of Bitten Stetter a designer from Hamburg. I already wrote about her concept store opening Fitting Forward. Bitten Stetter leaves the traditional rhythm of designer collections behind now. You can buy a subscription of her clothes. It runs for a year, consisting of six editions, every two months. You can chose between the styles: loud or silent, furthermore between five different sizes and depending on the edition between three or five colours. I love the idea because you get a surprise every two months. The clothes are also packed in a box with illustrations, pictures and other lovely things. I love the jackets with the clouds prints and the sewn clouds on the shoulders.

Toy story

I got this chairoplane from my boyfriend as a present to christmas. It's old toy from the forties or fifties. He bought it at a fleamarket and restored it for me. On the roof are fairy tales. It's the most loving christmas present I got. What was your most loving christmas present?

What time is it?

I got this gold watch as a christmas present from my boyfriend. It's a Casio watch from Urban Outfitters in Hamburg. It's smaller than the typical oldschool silver Casio clocks. I love it!


I came across these wonderful jewellery. It's from Paraphernalia ("Krimskrams"). The designers are much inspired by vintage illustrations and 19th century magicians. They also enjoy the odd, the unusual, the uncanny and the bizarre, in all the aspects of beauty. Everything is handmade by Ms. Vanda in her studio in Manchester, United Kingdom. And it's not really expensive! I would like to have one of these beautiful necklaces...

Woodland walks

It's time to show you my lovely christmas presents. I hope you had a wonderful christmas time! I got this cute necklace and the porcelain deers from my family. The necklace with wooden antlers is from Tatty Devine, a jewellery label from London."Wear this on woodland walks, while trying to spot wild deer."

24 Dezember 2008

Merry Christmas

I wish you a merry Christmas. Have a wonderful time with your family and friends!

Don't fly away!

I told you last time that I've bought two necklaces at Holy Shit Shopping in Hamburg. The Micky Mouse ears necklace and this one. It's from Liebetanz. I like the combination of the gold raven and the neon green and pink circles. The checked dress is from modström, a label from Denmark. I love skandinavien brands!

22 Dezember 2008

Peter Pan collar and frills

Today I went to Hamburg with my boyfriend and bought the last christmas presents. Among other things, we went to the second hand shop Kleidermarkt. It's very big, so much clothes, shoes and accessories. It was like an exciting treasure hunt to find lovely things for me. I've found two beautiful clothes. I think they are both from the sixties or seventies. A blouse in rosé/nude with lots of frills on the collar and on the sleeves and a yellow dress with peter pan collar with flower embroidery, sixties buttons and a full skirt. The dress reminds me a little bit of the manoush blouse. You can see both on my pictures. I love to find individual items! Where do you search for lovely clothes?

20 Dezember 2008

I love you anyway!

I've bought this bracelet at a flea market in Hamburg. I think it's from the sixties or seventies. At home I recognized that it had only three feet. But I love it anyway!


I've found Annekatrin - the magnetic paper doll in the cellar of my boyfriends' mum. It was released in 1965. I love when I found things from the fifties or sixties. I'm not a child anymore but I like her lovely dresses. Peter Pan collar, rose brooch, puffed sleeves, gloves with lace, patent leather shoes with bow. But we have two things in common. I already wear her hairstyle sometimes...and I have freckles,too.

Owls, monsters & mushrooms

I'm happy! My new calendar 2009 arrived. I searched a long time to find the perfect one. This calendar I ordered at dawanda. The first time I ordered something in this online shop and it was not the last time. So many lovely things I would like to have! Each site of the calendar has a new illustration. And I love all of them. Just my style! I think it is sold out now. Hannafaktur made only thirty pieces and I can't find it anymore. The owl button on the cover I ordered also at dawanda. It's from Rocksteady . I love things with owls. I'm making an owl necklace a the moment I show you next time.

Soap Couture

Green tea, flowery rose and smooth vanilla. Yesterday I got this wonderful soap called Soap couture as a present at work. It was in a wonderful box. But I think it's to good to wash my hands with it. So I have three new lovely home accesories

18 Dezember 2008


Today I got this cute christmas card from Blutsgeschwister, my favourite brand. I love the details, the cuts and the patterns of their clothes. I'm very excited to see the spring/summer collection 2009. I know by now that I will find something lovely....same as every year.

17 Dezember 2008

H&M is coming home

In february H&M launches a home collection. Exclusively available online and at the catalogue. This is H&M’s first foray into the interiors. I think it's really interesting and I like the first collection. A pillow that looks like a button, towels with measuring tape print, dishes towels with illustrations and a lot of other things. Could be an alternative to IKEA home accessories...I got these two dishes towels as a present.

16 Dezember 2008

I fell in love with Manoush

Flower embroidery, buttons coated with cloth, Peter Pan collar. I fell in love with this Manoush blouse. But sadly it's not mine. I borrowed this beautiful garment to take pictures of it. Manoush is romantic, playful, modern and feathery. That's why I'm lovin it. The blouse is not already in the shops because it's from the spring/summer collection 2009. I really would like to have it but I think it is really expensive.

13 Dezember 2008


Last week I was at the shop opening of the concept store FITTING FORWARD in Hamburg. FITTING FORWARD presents itself in a temporary style, showing art, fashion, products and accessories within a two-month rhythm. At this time the topic is TalenTierT. Everthing is about animals. Pullover with fox, jewelry with sqirrel, photos with dear....The pieces are from designers from all over the world. I really love the idea and I am excited to know the next topic. I bought a wonderful scarf in this shop. It is called Flauschfrettchen (fleece ferret). But I am sorry I can not show you a picture at the moment because I will get the scarf as a present to christmas. I am very excited and can not wait to see and wear my new friend again.
Stresemannstr. 110
22769 Hamburg

Micky loves his ears

Last week I bought this cute necklace at Holy Shit Shopping in Hamburg a market for fashion, art and design. Sadly it is only in december. I went to it in Hamburg but the market is also in Cologne, Berlin and Stuttgart within the next few weekends. I bought this cute necklace from neonpolka. So this year it is Mickys' eightieth birthday. Happy birthday, Micky!
I also bought another cute necklace. I will show it to you within the next days.


Hi everyone, I'm pretty excited to show you things I like and love.
In Love, Gretel.