13 Dezember 2008


Last week I was at the shop opening of the concept store FITTING FORWARD in Hamburg. FITTING FORWARD presents itself in a temporary style, showing art, fashion, products and accessories within a two-month rhythm. At this time the topic is TalenTierT. Everthing is about animals. Pullover with fox, jewelry with sqirrel, photos with dear....The pieces are from designers from all over the world. I really love the idea and I am excited to know the next topic. I bought a wonderful scarf in this shop. It is called Flauschfrettchen (fleece ferret). But I am sorry I can not show you a picture at the moment because I will get the scarf as a present to christmas. I am very excited and can not wait to see and wear my new friend again.
Stresemannstr. 110
22769 Hamburg

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