30 Januar 2009

Berlin Fashion Week Thursday and Friday

These are my highlights I saw from far away sitting in Hamburg:

"I like Ponies"

"I like my Pony"-Ponies, cupcakes with hearts, polaroids and right in the middle model Iekeliene Stange knitting and wearing a lovely outfit. Iekeliene presented her personal photographs - her own wonderful world in the cellar of the ProjektGalerie. Some of the visitors liked it others did'nt. I think it's a cute idea (I like kitsch) and I like ponies, too...
Designer for tomorrow
The follower of "The Karstadt New Generation award" is the "Designer for Tomorrow" award of Peek & Cloppenburg. The winner is Julia Knüpfer with her futuristic knitwear. The second winner is Joel Horwitz with his colourful men collection. Julia Knüpfer wants to start her own business with the prize money. I hope so because I like her designs very much! I'm very excited to see her collection at P&C.

Lala Berlin vs. Kavier Gauche
Lala Berlin shows knitted pullover, silk tops and leather dresses in red, grey and black. Sometimes see-through, with eye-catching necklaces or laced pumps. The topic of the autumn/winter collection 2009 of Kavier Gauche was like "less is more". The models were all nearly naked. They only wore panties, a long fringed necklace and extra long hair extensions which hung over the shoulders and all the way down to their hips. So the accessoiries got their attention. I really like the caramel bag on the right picture. I already have a cute dress from the Concept by Kavier Gauche collection. It's rosè/nude and would fit really well to this bag.
Another thing: Have a look at this wonderful music video: Click.


I made these pictures together with a small group in a fashion photography workshop in 2007. Some fashiondesign students designed the skirts.

29 Januar 2009

Events in Hamburg

Tomorrow the label Blutsgeschwister will show its new summer collection in its store "Schiffermann's Friends". Everyone who got an invitation can go to it in the evening. For all who have no invitation: I think you can go to the shop on saturday or whenever you want to. I will visit it next week and then I show you the new lovely collection of my favourite brand.
On Sunday evening the concept store Fitting Forward shows its new topic "URBANSINN - GroßstadtNEUrotik im Metropolenmassiv" (I can't really translate...- it's about metropolis, urbanity and anonymity). I'm very excited because the last time it was really cool. I will visit the shop also next week and then I report about it.
On monday tatatata....the Facehunter will visit Hamburg. Only for one day. And it's his first time here in the North. I'm excited to see his pictures...but I think it's hard to find interesting dressed people on monday in Hamburg. But I wish you good luck, darling!
30.01.2009 Blutsgeschwister presents summer collection, Sternstr.7
01.02.2009 Fitting Forward presents new topic, Stresemannstr.110
02.02.2009 The Facehunter visits Hamburg, everywhere

28 Januar 2009


Sadly I will not go to Fashionweek Berlin this weekend. Although I have an invitation of the fashion Show of Lala Berlin for tomorrow!!! And also to the "Organic Cotton Day" of H&M. But I have to study and to work a lot and I'm also exhausted because I worked the whole weekend and monday as a fashion assistant. But the Cover shooting was really nice! Cool pictures! I would like to drive to Berlin for one day but all people around me have no time... But I will go to the fashionweek in july!!! For sure! Marked with red in my calendar. This weekend will be all about looking for pictures of the fashionshows and doing a lot for my studies. Nevertheless I will show you things I love at the Berlin fashionweek. So have a look!


Last summer I made a "Streetstyle-Block". In fashion design we got the mission to make a streetstyle block, a print version of a fashion blog. My topic was memorabilia, first of all memories of the childhood related to fashion. I photographed about thirty people in Hamburg which was not that easy. And asked them three questions: Do you wear something of your parents or grandparents? What do you remind when you think of your hat/skirt...? Do you wear something of your childhood? Did you treasure anything? Furthermore I searched for memorabilia and things of the childhood in different streetstyle blogs and compared them (like pony necklaces, lego brooches, Bambi-Shirts, Kelly Family Pants, .....). Tokyo definitely won, followed by London and Helsinki. On the last place was Paris. I found only a few things that reminds me to childhood. Above you can see my three favourite looks.

24 Januar 2009

Blooming flowers in spring

Every dress has a special detail. Origami folds, tulle in different colours, eye-catching collar, beautiful pattern or an extraordinary hat. A new British team has taken over at Pollini, the design label that grew out of an old, established Italian shoe brand. Jonathan Saunders designs the clothes and Nicholas Kirkwood the shoes. A very feathery and feminine collection. I would like to have the first or the second dress. Feels like blooming flowers in spring. Which one do you like?

23 Januar 2009

ARTE short movies

I have a little recommendation for you: today ARTE shows "KurzSchluss - das Magazin" (Time: 00:15 to 01:05). It presents the latest short movies of the world and short backstage reports. I've seen it last friday the first time and it was really creative and inspiring! I'm a short movie fan! Today the movies are called: "Der verliebte Fernseher" (TV in love), "Der Zweifel" (The disbelief) and "Schwarzer Tee" (Black Tea). The last short films you can see on the page of Arte7 .I recommend to see "Days of Love" ...Very funny!

Dancing balloons

Today lots of snowflakes came down to Hamburg. When I arrived at home I happened to see the 'making of' of Lily Allens' new video "The Fear" at MTV. I was really impressed of the visuals. All over with colourful pastel balloons, dancing presents and jumping butlers. It reminds me of "Alice in Wonderland" and "Funny Face". And I love the teddy bear hanging on the clothesline. Click here to see the video.


My first Chanel piece. I got this Chanel barrette as a present at my internship in autumn. It was packed in a black box and has a small black bag! A bag for a barrette! I think it is the typical look of the nineties, these hair grappers. I did not yet wear it but I will.
I dream of the day when I will go to the flea market and will buy an old typical black chanel bag from an old lady...Today I saw a fake at Urban Outfitters.

22 Januar 2009

KIND of elefant, swan and fox

Sorry that I didin't make a post the last days but it was all about studying and working. I have a new side job as a freelancer in an editorial office that works for different websites. I worked there on tuesday and today and I'm very content with it! The whole weekend and on monday I will be working as a fashion assistant at a Cover Shooting of a magazine that is not yet on the market. So work, work, work but also fun, fun, fun! The three pictures above are from the dutch brand KIND. These are older collections with names like "(M)Alice in Wonderland" and "Royal Flush" but I like the fox around the neck and the elefant sleeve is cute. I saw a beautiful dress in the WAD magazine and so I found the label. Every collection is very different. The autumn/winter collection is called "Tears of clown". I'm excited to see the new collection!

19 Januar 2009

Make me a Knäuel

These necklaces are fom the berlin designer Ina Seifart. She designs jewellery made of special materials and vintage things like matchbox cars, spools or buttons. Above all I like the "Knäuelkette". But she also designs more elegant jewellery like gold bangles or silver necklaces with tinker bells. Cute idea!

For woodland walks

jacket: H&M Trend
pants: H&M Trend
bag: vintage, Ebay
shoes: vintage
shawl collar: Urban Outfitters

18 Januar 2009

Present time

Yesterday I made a present for Steffi. (She gave me the Vivienne Westwood neck scarf as a christmas present.) Tomorrow I will endow two selfmade brooches and black stockings with a chrocheted border to Steffi. The instruction for the brooches you can find at the blog of Frau Liebe. The border with the little red riding hood I bought at the shop "Schönwerk" in Lüneburg. They have a lot of lovely things! I love to pack presents! (Steffi will not see this post today because her internet doesn't work.)

16 Januar 2009

My handscape

This is my lovely tree ring. It's from ZLDA, the same designer who designed Mr. Neckless. I got it to my birthday in august from my boyfriend. I think it's very unique and if you want to you can combine it with the other rings and it turns your fingers into a little landscape. There are six different rings and you can choose your favourites. Maybe I will amplify my trees into a little woodland and buy the ring with the pines...

14 Januar 2009

Vivienne Westwood

Today I got my first accessory of Vivienne Westwood! My friend Steffi has been in Tokyo and bought this neck scarf for me. What a wonderful present. With flowers, dots, hearts and the typical Vivienne Westwood symbol: the orb. Thank you Steffi! One of my other friends has been in England, she worked on a farm. Someday she took part in a guided tour in a very small village and one of the members of the tour was...Vivienne Westwood. Such a coincidence!
I happened to see this campaign of Vivienne Westwood by Jürgen Teller. I like the pictures and the fact that Vivienne is also on the pics.

13 Januar 2009

Thank you

One month Gretels Garden and my fortieth post! Thank you for reading, for your comments and adding me to your blogrolls. I carry on this way! I'm happy! Critique or wishes?

Gretels' closet

Les Mads called on to show our closets. So this is mine. I would like to have a bigger one...To view other ones click here.

Gone with the wind

What a windy day today. It inspired me to take some pictures.
Dress: modström

12 Januar 2009

Freezing glasses

Lovely glasses. There is nothing left for me to add.
Label: potipoti


Potipoti is a collaboration between two designers, Silvia Salvador and Nando Cornejo. Operating from Berlin and Spain, potipoti creates fashion, graphic design, visual arts and product design. The spring/summer 2009 collection is called "The Potipot Island". Sporty, casual, special colour patterns like green, rose, yellow and grey are characteristic. Lots of longshirts and leggings. Eighties meets young spirit. Remarkable accessory: the headband. Very interesting and worth seeing!

Tim, let's take pictures!

A garden in a bathroom, colourful cats, dresses hanging in trees, swans all over. I love the pictures of the british photographer Tim Walker. I think you already know him but he has to earn a place in my blog. Tim Walker is famous for creating pics which stand out due to their dreamy atmosphere and distinctive colours. Some of his pics contain surrealistic elements which make them even more magical. Walker, who was Richard Avedon's assistant, released a book "Tim Walkers Pictures" in May 2008. Any proud and enviable owners?

10 Januar 2009


I searched for this vagabond shoe a long time. I bought it in black but I never found this colour. Few days ago I saw it on brands4friends for only 28 euros!!! But it was sold out. Anyone an idea? And I like this jacket. I saved this picture a long time ago. I think it's from a streetstyle site. I love the colours and the Balmain Look. Have you seen it anywhere? I think it's vintage or selfmade. What a pitty!

Peter Pan collar

Finished! I'm done with my peter pan collar. I like it and it fits perfect to my H&M Trend Top. Very playful and romantic...my next collar will be more down-to-earth.

09 Januar 2009

Knit is the new fur!

I show you my scarf "Flauschfrettchen". I already told you in december that I bought it at Fitting Forward and got it to christmas. Knit is the new fur! Yesterday I bought this felt hat at H&M. The first hat that fits to me because otherwise I'm not the hat-type. Now it's like the modern golden twenties. Do you notice the tights of the girl? She wears the portrait of her boyfriend on it. I've never seen something like that before.

Berlin, Berlin, Berlin

It's all about Berlin. Berlin will once again become the centre of international fashion world. Berlin Fashionweek, PREMIUM and IDEAL Showroom will take place again this January presenting an exciting mix of established brands and upcoming designers. My lovely stylemag made a whole magazine about Berlin. I don't know if I will go to Berlin yet. But I really like the IDEAL Showroom. Many international designers with wonderful things! So we will see. Are you going to Berlin Fashion week? It's a pity you need an invitation to see the fashion shows. If you want to you can download the berlin fashionweek magazine (click here) . There are many other interesting fashion events! Oh I have to go to Berlin.
Berlin Fashionweek: 28.1. - 1.2.2009
Premium: 29.1. - 31.1.2009
IDEAL Showroom: ?

08 Januar 2009

H&M Trend

It's funny, it looks like lightblue and rose baby colours...Today I bought this Jeans at H&M Trend. It's like an eighties carrot. I like the cuttlings on the cuff, the colour and the darkblue stichings.
blouse: vintage
necklace: neonpolka
boots: vintage


This is the new spring/summer 2009 jewellery collection of Sabrina Dehoff. Lots of wood mixed with gold and silver. The name of this collection is "naturlesque" - trees, animals and flowers all over. I would wear all of them. I felt in love with a gold tridimensional swan in the last collection. Maybe you know it? Sadly it was to expensive for me...


I like the word "Pixie" and I like Pixiemarket, an onlineshop with shops in Los Angeles and New York. Since today the australien label Shakuhachi sells their designs. The cape on the second picture is from them. I love it! Today I bought drapery to sew a peter pan collar. But I didn't see the picture before so I sadly bought not that much drapery. I also love the trousers on the first picture and I generelly like the outfits and the pictures on the website.

06 Januar 2009


05 Januar 2009

Gute Aussichten - junge deutsche Fotografie 2008/2009

The picture exhibition "Gute Aussichten - junge deutsche Fotografie 2008/2009" (Good Views - young german photography) takes place in Hamburg Deichtorhallen from 23th january to 23th february. I've been there in recent years and I like it very much. Some young german photographers have the possibility to show their pictures. In 2007 the photographer Jürgen Teller even has been a part of the jury. This picture is from Katrin Trautner. Her topic is "sex at old age" declared as a taboo issue. I am very excited to see more than 150 pictures.

Mr. Neckless

If you will excuse me: This is Mr. Neckless. The bearded man with sunglasses and part in the hair is a creation of the dutch designer Zelda Beauchampet. At the base of this remarkable male figure are three different noses, hairdo's, mustaches and glasses, each executed in seven colors. All misters together form a varying family of personalities. A lot of characters, but no twins. There is only one of each brother. I would like to have a Mr. Necklace, but which one? Hard decision!

02 Januar 2009

Shawl collar

Today I sewed this shawl collar. One of my best friends got it as a present and I copied it. I like shawl collars. I already have a knitted one from Urban Outfitters. I stiched three buttons with hazelnuts on this scarf. Like three hazelnuts for cinderella... I would like to sew more wonderful things. We will see..