05 Januar 2009

Gute Aussichten - junge deutsche Fotografie 2008/2009

The picture exhibition "Gute Aussichten - junge deutsche Fotografie 2008/2009" (Good Views - young german photography) takes place in Hamburg Deichtorhallen from 23th january to 23th february. I've been there in recent years and I like it very much. Some young german photographers have the possibility to show their pictures. In 2007 the photographer Jürgen Teller even has been a part of the jury. This picture is from Katrin Trautner. Her topic is "sex at old age" declared as a taboo issue. I am very excited to see more than 150 pictures.


  1. viel davon gehört. Noch nie dagewesen. Aber nächstes Jahr. Bestimmt. :)