22 Januar 2009

KIND of elefant, swan and fox

Sorry that I didin't make a post the last days but it was all about studying and working. I have a new side job as a freelancer in an editorial office that works for different websites. I worked there on tuesday and today and I'm very content with it! The whole weekend and on monday I will be working as a fashion assistant at a Cover Shooting of a magazine that is not yet on the market. So work, work, work but also fun, fun, fun! The three pictures above are from the dutch brand KIND. These are older collections with names like "(M)Alice in Wonderland" and "Royal Flush" but I like the fox around the neck and the elefant sleeve is cute. I saw a beautiful dress in the WAD magazine and so I found the label. Every collection is very different. The autumn/winter collection is called "Tears of clown". I'm excited to see the new collection!

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