10 Januar 2009


I searched for this vagabond shoe a long time. I bought it in black but I never found this colour. Few days ago I saw it on brands4friends for only 28 euros!!! But it was sold out. Anyone an idea? And I like this jacket. I saved this picture a long time ago. I think it's from a streetstyle site. I love the colours and the Balmain Look. Have you seen it anywhere? I think it's vintage or selfmade. What a pitty!


  1. oh, have you tried http://vagabond.com ? maybe you already have, but if you dont, check it out! the sale is awsome...

    re: oh. tank you so much. i do really like your blog too!

  2. Oh it's really funny. When you choose your country on vagabond.com, Germany has no onlineshop. I didn't know that vagabond has an online shop for Sweden and England. Why does Germany have no online shop? Very queer! But thank you for the tip!

  3. ich habe sie heute hier (leipzig) in einem schuhladen fuer 39,90€ entdeckt. 39 bis 41 ist noch jeweils einmal da ...