16 Januar 2009

My handscape

This is my lovely tree ring. It's from ZLDA, the same designer who designed Mr. Neckless. I got it to my birthday in august from my boyfriend. I think it's very unique and if you want to you can combine it with the other rings and it turns your fingers into a little landscape. There are six different rings and you can choose your favourites. Maybe I will amplify my trees into a little woodland and buy the ring with the pines...


  1. Oh, thank you Dear, I like your blog too!
    And what a fantastic ring, I think I want one for my own!

  2. I agree, it's such a fantastic ring. And what a great idea!

  3. hallo! wie gehts?

    i have to admit i like your blog more and more, the more i scroll it thrue. and oh. btw. the rings are lovely!

  4. Thank you for your comments and complements. I'm happy that you like my blog! I'm looking forward to showing you more lovely things!