29 Januar 2009

Events in Hamburg

Tomorrow the label Blutsgeschwister will show its new summer collection in its store "Schiffermann's Friends". Everyone who got an invitation can go to it in the evening. For all who have no invitation: I think you can go to the shop on saturday or whenever you want to. I will visit it next week and then I show you the new lovely collection of my favourite brand.
On Sunday evening the concept store Fitting Forward shows its new topic "URBANSINN - GroßstadtNEUrotik im Metropolenmassiv" (I can't really translate...- it's about metropolis, urbanity and anonymity). I'm very excited because the last time it was really cool. I will visit the shop also next week and then I report about it.
On monday tatatata....the Facehunter will visit Hamburg. Only for one day. And it's his first time here in the North. I'm excited to see his pictures...but I think it's hard to find interesting dressed people on monday in Hamburg. But I wish you good luck, darling!
30.01.2009 Blutsgeschwister presents summer collection, Sternstr.7
01.02.2009 Fitting Forward presents new topic, Stresemannstr.110
02.02.2009 The Facehunter visits Hamburg, everywhere

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