28 Januar 2009


Last summer I made a "Streetstyle-Block". In fashion design we got the mission to make a streetstyle block, a print version of a fashion blog. My topic was memorabilia, first of all memories of the childhood related to fashion. I photographed about thirty people in Hamburg which was not that easy. And asked them three questions: Do you wear something of your parents or grandparents? What do you remind when you think of your hat/skirt...? Do you wear something of your childhood? Did you treasure anything? Furthermore I searched for memorabilia and things of the childhood in different streetstyle blogs and compared them (like pony necklaces, lego brooches, Bambi-Shirts, Kelly Family Pants, .....). Tokyo definitely won, followed by London and Helsinki. On the last place was Paris. I found only a few things that reminds me to childhood. Above you can see my three favourite looks.


  1. ooooh der schlachthof im sommer, da wird man ja richtig wehmütig...

  2. Da hast du Recht..ich freue mich schon so auf den Sommer in Hamburg!